AM-321-000-2 Eurotherm Auxiliary Switch Kit


SKU: AM-321-000-2


AM-321-000-2 Eurotherm

Auxiliary Switch Kit, 2 switches, SPDT

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Auxiliary Switch:
AM-321, 341, 342, Snap-action SPDT switches. AM-321 and AM-342 contain two auxiliary switches, and AM-341 contains four auxiliary switches. The setting of each switch is adjustable, using the wrench included. The differential of each switch is adjustable, with a minimum differential of 9°.

These actuator accessory kits are designed for installation on MC, MF, MP, MU, and MUP type oil-submerged gear train actuators. The accessory kits are coupled to the rear of an actuator output shaft by means of an interlocking drive disc.

• Potentiometers provide accurate feedback of actuator position for indication and precision control
• Adjustable differential SPDT auxiliary switches may be adjusted to operate at any point in the actuator stroke for maximum application flexibility

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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