Barber Colman 7EM 1/8th DIN Eurotherm by Schneider Electric Controller 7EM431103000 7EM431105000 7EM431113000 7EM431115000 7EM431123000 OBSOLETE

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Logic Heating Relay Heating
7EM-43110-300-0-00 3208/CC/VH/LRR/X/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VH/RRR/X/XX/ENG
7EM-43111-300-0-00 3208/CC/VH/LRR/X/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VH/RRR/X/XX/ENG
7EM-43112-300-0-00 3208/CC/VH/LRR/R/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VH/RRR/R/XX/ENG
7EM-43110-500-0-00 3208/CC/VL/LRR/X/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VL/RRR/X/XX/ENG
7EM-43111-500-0-00 3208/CC/VL/LRR/X/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VL/RRR/X/XX/ENG
7EM-43112-500-0-00 3208/CC/VL/LRR/R/XX/ENG 3208/CC/VL/RRR/R/XX/ENG


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Values Value Descriptions
Model Options 7EM 1/8th DIN Controller
Standard INPUT 4 Universal Input TC, RTD, mV
Control Action 3 SMART or PID Control
Output 1 1 Heating SPDT or SSR Output
Output 2 1 Cooling/Alarm SPDT or SSR Output
Output 3 0




Alarm 2

Alarm 2 with Heater Break

Power Supply 3




Reserved 000 Standard Eurotherm Label



• 24 Vac/Vdc Supply
• Heater Breakdown Input
• Two Temperature Alarms
• Heater Breakdown Alarm and Load Current Display in Engineering Units


The Barber-Colman Series 7 establishes a new class of microprocessor based temperature controllers. As part of the Series 7 family, the Barber Colman 7EM offers outstanding performance features in a cost effective package. Designed specifically for equipment manufacturers who demand tight process control, the 7EM has a variety of standard features commonly found as options on our competitors controllers. NEMA 4X faceplates allow these units to be used in severe conditions. The 3 digit display offers complete coverage for extrusion and environmental chamber applications without excess cost for unused digits.

The Barber Colman 7EM is easy to configure and use. Even operators without skills in temperature process control or knowledge of PID control parameters can obtain perfect control.


For best results in control stability, simply:
• wire the instrument
• configure the setpoint and alarm thresholds
• initiate the autotune function

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Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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