Eurotherm by Schneider Electric 2404 Temperature Controller Programmer


1/4 DIN panel size PID Temperature Controller

Eurotherm 2404 Specification Sheet (PDF)

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Eurotherm 2404 Temperature Controller Programmer


  • High stability control
  • Up to 20 programs
  • 16 segments
  • Heating and cooling
  • Customisable operation
  • Heat current display
  • Multiple alarms on a single output
  • DC retransmission
  • Digital Communication
    • Modbus RTU
    • Profibus DP network
    • Devicenet network



  • Single and multi-zone furnaces
  • Kilns
  • Environmental chambers
  • Simple ratio
  • Humidity
  • Chemical applications
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Glass furnaces and lehrs


Eurotherm 2404 Temperature Controller / Programmer


  • Versatile, high stability temperature or process controllers
  • Self-tuning with overshoot inhibition
  • Setpoint programmer up to 20 programs of 16 segments
  • Heating and cooling outputs
  • Modular hardware
  • Customized operator display
  • Digital communications


The Eurotherm 2404 Temperature Controller 1/4 DIN unit is a high stability controller with an extensive range of options. Either PID, ON/OFF or Motorized valve control can be configured, satisfying both electrical and gas heating applications amongst others.


A setpoint programmer with up to 20 programs of 16 segments is available.


The controllers accept a range of plug-in modules, heating, cooling, or process outputs, analog retransmission, second process value input and remote setpoint.


Precise control

An advanced PID control algorithm gives stable ‘Straight-line’ control of the process. A one-shot tuner is provider to set up the initial PID values and to calculate the overshoot inhibition parameters. In addition an adaptive tuner will handle processes with continually changing characteristics.



Up to four process alarms can be combined onto a single output. Alarms can be full scale high or low, deviation from setpoint, rate of change or load failure alarms.


Digital communications

Available with either EIA485 2-wire, 4 wire or EIA232. With industry-standard protocols including: Modbus, DeviceNet®, Profibus DP, and Eurotherm® Bisync.


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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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