Eurotherm by Schneider Electric KD485 Communications Isolator


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KD485-Universal Isolated Interface Converter

  • DIN-rail enclosure with screw terminals
  • DC power input: regulated or unregulated
  • Two serial ports, one isolated
  • RS232, RS422 (4-wire), RS485 (3- and 5-wire)
  • Combinations available to order
  • Low-EMC RS422/485 drivers
  • Internal pull-up and pull-down resistors
  • User Program Download capability


  • Automatic driver enable on RS485
  • 30-115200 baud, low-EMC drivers
  • Universal RS422/485 3-/5-wire interface with varistor protection
  • 7 to 35V DC powered
  • Isolation 100% tested @ 2kV ac


The KD485 is a multi-purpose interface converter designed to satisfy a wide range of industrial data communications requirements.


The KD485-ADE inserts a CPU (with two serial ports) into the data path. Several standard application programs (“Modes”) are provided in a built-in ROM:


Mode 0: emulates KD485-STD (Interface converter/isolator); and also offers baud rate and character format conversion.


Mode 1: as above, plus Auto Driver Enable. The RS485 driver is automatically controlled according to the presence of data from the RS232 host.


Mode 2: RS485 to RS232 Addressable Adaptor. This makes possible the connection of up to approximately 50 RS232 devices to a 3/5 wire RS485 bus, through which they can be polled by a single Master.

The KD485-PROG does everything the -ADE does. In addition, it is userprogrammable in ANSI C. The user program (up to 32k code + 16k data) is uploaded in Intel hex using any terminal emulator capable of ASCII upload.


RS232 devices which emit data continuously are also supported. The RS485 address and an optional lead-in byte are fully configurable.


PC-based configuration programs for DOS and Windows are included.

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