Reed Instruments R8800 Voltage Current Calibrator

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The REED R8800 Current/Voltage Calibrator can bring measured values as close as possible to the true value, and provides a precision source for current and voltage measurements. With this calibrator, voltage and current can be generated or measured to compensate for the systematic errors of any control devices (e.g. pressure transmitter), as well as compensate the measured temperature by eliminating the cold conjunction errors (e.g. thermocouples).

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  • Simulate a transducer or measure the current flow in a transducer loop
  • Check a 4-20mA system in either source or measure mode
  • In the source mode, calibrate meters, thermocouple indicators, data loggers, for signal injection, semiconductor characterization, or as a backing off source
  • In the measure mode, use it in the same way as a DMM, checking DC voltages and current
  • Current Range: 0 to 19.99mA; 0 to 24mA
  • Voltage Range: -199.9mV to +199.9mV
  • Able to power or measure a 2-wire current loop
  • Drives loads up to 500Ω
  • LCD display with a maximum of 1999 counts

What’s Included:

Includes calibrator, test leads and battery


Used in various lab and field applications across industries such as research and development, semiconductor, and process control; specifically for verifying process scaled indicators, calibrating signal conditioners, calibrating voltage input signal conditioners, testing valve positioners and field testing loop powered isolators

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