SSM2A16BD DIN Rail Mount Relay AC DC Dual Channel Harmony by Schneider Electric



SSM2A16BD DIN Rail Mount Relay AC DC Dual Channel

Harmony by Schneider Electric

SSM2A16BD Datasheet (PDF)


range of product Harmony Solid State Relays
product or component type Solid state relay up to 10 A
device short name SSM
Number of channels 2
Number of phases 1 phase
output switching mode Zero voltage switching


mounting support Symmetrical DIN rail
[In] rated current 6 A
output voltage 24…280 V AC
[Uc] control circuit voltage 4…32 V DC
tightening torque 0.5…0.8 N.m for input
0.5…0.8 N.m for output
connections – terminals Screw terminals: 1 x 0.3…1 x 1.5 mm², (AWG 22…AWG 16) for input
Screw terminals: 1 x 0.3…1 x 2.5 mm², (AWG 22…AWG 14) for output
maximum capacitance 10 pF for input/output
insulation resistance 1000 MOhm at 500 V DC
local signalling LED (green) for input status
minimum switching voltage 4 V DC turn-on
maximum switching voltage 1 V DC turn-off
input current 14…16.87 mA
solid state output type SCR output
Zero voltage switching
load current 0.15…6 A
transient overvoltage 600 V
surge current 715 A for 16.6 ms
750 A for 20 ms
maximum voltage drop <1.3 V on-state
motor power hp 0.16 hp 40 °C 240 V AC
maximum I²t for fusing 2560 A².s for 10 ms at 50 Hz
2330 A².s for 8.33 ms at 60 Hz
maximum leakage current 0.1 mA off-state
dV/dt 500 V/µs off-state at maximum voltage
response time 0.5 cycle (turn-on)
0.5 cycle (turn-off)
power factor 0.5 (with maximum load)
overvoltage category III
width 18 mm
height 90.3 mm
depth 84.4 mm
net weight 0.09 kg


flame retardance V0 conforming to UL 94
dielectric strength 2.5 kV AC for input/output
2.5 kV AC for input or output to case
pollution degree 2
standards IEC 61000
IEC 60950-1
IEC 62314
product certifications CSA
marking CE
IP degree of protection IP20
ambient air temperature for operation -30…80 °C
ambient air temperature for storage -30…100 °C



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 3 in

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