Eurotherm 658A-3 Schneider Electric 658A-00003-000-0-00 Current to Position Converters


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Eurotherm 658A-3 Schneider Electric 658A-00003-000-0-00 Current to Position Converters

Eurotherm 658A-3 Datasheet (PDF)

Current to position converter, Actuator side mount, standard mounting, Low/Medium torque, 12-20mA input, no rain tight housing available


Current to Position Converters for Electric Actuators

The 658A-3 is a current to position converter which is typically located electrically between a primary controller and an electric actuator.  Model 658A is designed for mounting directly to the side of the actuator; model 658B is designed with a mounting flange for securing it to any flat surface.  The electric actuator’s position is proportional to the input current from the primary controller.

A built-in potentiometer in the electric actuator, with wiper arm driven by the output shaft, provides a feedback signal to the Series 658 to produce the proportional action.  A change in current from the source drives the electric actuator in a direction to restore balance and return the process to the set-point.  The signal input ordered is factory set, but is adjustable in the field to accept spans such as 4 to 20, 2 to 12, 7 to 12, 4 to 12, and 12 to 20mA.

The 658 has a standard input impedance of 250 Ω for current output primary controllers.  A dry contact closure between the purge input and the input+ (red) wires will drive the actuator full open to provide 100% flow for air purge of a gas burner.  Converters with special “option 65” are wired for mounting on the left side of the actuator; converters with “option 66” are wired for the right side of the actuator.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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