Eurotherm by Schneider Electric MS41-6340-000 Flat Pack Actuator (EA01A0300120001) Barber Colman


Old Part #: EA01A0300120001

New Part #: MS41-6340-000

Direct Coupled Actuator: Non Spring Return 

-Analog proportional control


-300 in lbs torque

SKU: MS41-6340-000


Eurotherm by Schneider Electric MS41-6340-000

Flat Pack Actuator (EA01A0300120001) Barber Colman


The MS41-6340-000 flat pack series is UL/cUL listed and CE compliant. It is also NEMA 4 (IEC IP56) compliant when used with customer supplied water tight conduit connectors. Units are available to operate from 24Vac (class 2) and 120Vac and 240Vac (class 1). The Flat Pack Series are direct-coupled actuators used for damper control applications. They are available in spring return and non-spring return models, with two-position control. They may be specified to be either analog proportional control action or floating proportional control action.

  • Direct coupled to the damper shaft
  • Two position, floating and analog models
  • CW or CCW spring return, 150 in-lbs, non-spring return, 300 in-lbs
  • NEMA 4 (IP56) housing
  • Automatic current sensing motor control


Flat pack series actuators are mounted directly onto the damper shaft by means of dual mounting clips. The anti-rotation bracket supplied with the actuator prevents lateral movement of the actuator on the shaft. The damper actuator is not provided with and does not require any limiting switches. It is electrically protected against overloading. The angle of rotation is electrically limited to 93 ± 1°. When reaching the damper or actuator end position, the motor stops automatically. The position of the actuator is indicated by means of an integral scale reading 0º to 95°.


EA02-P Series
This actuator is available only in a spring return version with two position control, two wire SPST or triac (500mA rated). It is rated at 150 in-lbs torque, 145 second timing and operates from 24, 120 or 240 Vac power.


EA01-A Series, EA02-A Series
These actuators are available in both non-spring return (01) and spring return (02) versions. Both feature analog proportional control action and operate from 24, 120 or 240Vac power. The 01-A versions are rated at 300 in-lbs and 145 seconds travel time. The 02-A series are rated at 150 in-lbs and 145 seconds travel time.


Manual Override – Non-Spring Actuator
An accessory crank is provided with each non-spring return actuator so it can be manually positioned to ease installation or for emergency positioning. To engage manual override, insert the crank in the drive hole, press and hold inward while turning. Approximately 114 revolutions rotate the actuator its full 93°. The actuator automatically disengages manual override when power is applied to the drive open or drive close connection. Avoid manually repositioning the actuator beyond its adjustable travel limit setting.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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