Eurotherm EPC2000 Programmable Controllers


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Eurotherm EPC2000 Programmable Controllers

Eurotherm EPC2000 Datasheet (PDF)

Whatever your process, the Eurotherm EPC2000 controller delivers outstanding performance precisely where it is needed, easily providing required stability, accuracy and repeatability, together with an internationally recognized cybersecurity certification.

Precision at the Heart of Your Process

The EPC2000 programmable single loop temperature and process controller provides efficient and repeatable precision control in a convenient and easy to deploy DIN rail and surface mounting format.

The controller combines precise control and measurement performance with a high speed Ethernet connection incorporating an integral switch for daisy chain connection to supervisors, panels or PLC. Cybersecurity is certified to the stringent requirements of Achilles® CRT Level 1.

User function block wiring with optional math, logic, totalizer and specialized functions allows the unit to take on additional system functions beyond PID control.

The EPC2000 is designed for an extended service life, with FRAM battery-free non-volatile data storage.


Eurotherm EPC2000 Accuracy and Repeatability

The EPC2000 measurement input is fast and accurate, with exceptional thermal stability, aiding precise and consistent control over long periods without calibration drift. As such it provides excellent front end control for processes requiring accurate control, including aerospace and advanced materials processing.

The Eurotherm PID algorithm delivers fast reacting and repeatable control and has been further enhanced to help reduce overshoot Rapid attainment of operating temperature and low oscillation aids high process throughput at low scrap rates. Different PID settings may be applied in different operating ranges for optimum performance.

Efficient, Consistent Results in an Easy-to-Deploy Format


The EPC2000 DIN rail mounting controller delivers fast acting precision control with easy-to-integrate Ethernet communications. This offers high performance enhanced Eurotherm PID control, either as part of a stand-alone machine or as a control loop in a multi-zone application.

Improve Quality, Reduce Scrap and Increase Profits

  • Fast-acting enhanced Eurotherm PID control reaches operating temperature quickly, minimizing overshoot, increasing plant utilization
  • Precise repeatable control improves quality and reduces waste
  • Independent single loop controllers continue to maintain zone conditions, independently of supervisory system or PLC operation

Reduce Equipment and Maintenance Costs

  • Easy-to-install, commission and replace
  • Robust battery-free design for reliability in demanding environments and highly regulated industrial processes
  • Adapt easily to changing needs and machine integration functions with flexible software and user function block wiring
  • Instant function upgrades available online, only pay for what you need now
  • Extended standard warranty and free online support

Distributed, Communicating, Controllers

  • Compact DIN rail mounting format
  • Distributed, Ethernet-based controllers
  • Install close to the point-of-use, reducing cabling runs and wiring costs

World Class Certification

  • Cybersecurity certification to Achilles® CRT Level 1
  • Wide range of international standards
  • Suitable for use in demanding automotive and aerospace applications

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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