Barber Colman 7SM Eurotherm Temperature Controllers 7SM491130000 7SM496130000 7SM491150000 7SM496150000 OBSOLETE



Barber Colman 7SM Eurotherm Temperature Controllers

Replaced by:

Eurotherm 3216


7SM496150000 Replaced by 3216/CC/VL/LR/R/XXX

7SM491150000 Replaced by 3216/CC/VL/LR/R/XXX

7SM496130000 Replaced by 3216/CC/VH/LR/R/XXX

7SM491130000 Replaced by 3216/CC/VH/LR/R/XXX


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Values Value Descriptions
Model Options




Deviation Display Controller

Dual Display Controller

Heat/Cool Controller

Standard INPUT 4 Universal Input TC, RTD, mV
Control Action 9 SMART or PID Control
Output 1 1


Relay Output

2 SSR Output

Output 2 1


One Alarm (7SD & 7SM Only)

One Relay (Cooling/Alarm-7SH Only)

Power Supply 30




100/240VDC (7SD & 7SM)

24VDC/VAC (7SD & 7SM)

100/240VDC (7SH)

24VAC/DC (7SH)

Reserved 000 Standard Eurotherm Label


The Barber-Colman Series 7 establishes a new class of microprocessor based temperature controllers.

As part of the Series 7 family, the Barber Colman 7SD, Barber Colman 7SM and Barber Colman 7SH offer outstanding performance features in a cost effective package. Designed specifically for equipment  manufacturers who demand tight process control, the 7SD, 7SM and 7SH offer a variety of standard features commonly found as options on our competitors controllers. NEMA 4X faceplates allow these units to be used in applications where washdowns and dust conditions exist. The three digit display offers complete coverage for plastics, packaging and environmental chamber applications without excess cost for unused digits.

These controllers are light and compact (1/16 DIN size). They perform reliably in the most demanding applications.


Even operators without skills in temperature process control or knowledge of PID control parameters can obtain perfect control. For the best results in control stability, simply:

• wire the instrument
• configure the setpoint and alarm thresholds
• initiate the autotune function

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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