Eurotherm 2604 Advanced Process Controller Programmer


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Eurotherm 2604 Advanced Process Controller Programmer

Eurotherm 2604 Datasheet (PDF)


    • High stability, precision and functionality
    • One, two or three control loops
    • PID, valve, ratio, cascade and override control
    • Setpoint programming
    • High speed ModBus®, DeviceNet™ and Profibus® communications
    • Test chambers, autoclaves, kilns, furnaces, forehearths
    • Melt Pressure, Carbon Potential


The Eurotherm 2604 is a 1/4 DIN plug-in high stability temperature and process controller designed to be used in demanding applications. It has a dual five digit display and a two line LCD panel for alarm, status and user defined messages. It employs universal inputs (TC, RTD, DC) with INSTANT ACCURACY™. Direct connection of Zirconia probes is also supported for carbon potential control in atmospheric combustion applications. The advanced control algorithm and gain scheduling gives straight line control, even in difficult non-linear applications and automatic tuning simplifies commissioning.


A setpoint programming option allows storage of up to 50 programs (500 segments, 16 digital events, gauranteed dwell, holdback) and each can profile up to three setpoints.


Using internal Toolkit blocks, including timers and totalizers, customized user configurations and special machine control applications can be created. Configuration is by the front panel or via iTools.


The Eurotherm 2604 is available with high speed Modbus® RTU, DeviceNet™ and Profibus®-DP (in the ‘f’ version) digital communications. The 2604 is available with powerful preprogrammed applications such as melt pressure and carbon potential.


2000 I/O Expander

The Eurotherm 2604 has fixed and modular I/O and can use the 2000 I/O Expander to provide additional input/output connections. The 2000 I/O Expander is a DIN Rail mounted 24Vdc powered digital I/O expansion unit which uses proprietary serial comms to increase up to 20 each the number of digital inputs and outputs to the 2604.

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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