Eurotherm Penguin Schneider Electric Penguin HMI OBSOLETE

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Eurotherm PenGUIn™ – the ultimate in HMI functionality

OBSOLETE 6-24-2020

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The Eurotherm Punguin effective operation and control is only as good as your HMI … imagine communication without limitation. 

The Eurotherm PenGUIn HMI clearly distinguishes itself in the market place through a powerful combination of monitoring, control and outstanding communication capabilities. Besides the standard HMI functionality, it includes protocol conversion, port sharing and web server capability.

All these impressive features are easily configured and managed by GUIcon software package, which includes an extensive library of more than 5000 objects. Add to this, a strong sales team comprised entirely of degree qualified engineers who understand your process, an absolute commitment to innovation, and 5% of our total sales continuously re-invested in research and development, we can and do imagine making the impossible possible for our customers.

Choose from a list with over 200 drivers for a variety of devices. Communicate with up to 13 of them SIMULTANEOUSLY and access them REMOTELY.

Powerful hardware platform

  • One RS-422/485 port and two RS-232 ports are standard on all models
  • Dual Ethernet port provides communications separately to the factory floor and enterprise
  • Simultaneous communication with a minimum of 13 different protocols (expandable)
  • Optional expansion cards to add either two serial ports, DeviceNet™, CANopen, J1939, PROFIBUS DP™ or a cellular modem

The Eurotherm PenGUIn has plenty of options

Protocol Conversion

  • Convert over 200 major industrial protocols
  • Gateway from any protocol to another
  • Drag-and-drop data mapping via GUIcon1.0
  • Easily manage multi-vendor environments

Data Logging

  • Acquire data at user-defined rates from any or all connected devices into a single file
  • Data stored in open CSV file format (Excel compatible)
  • Collect, store, display data
  • Email or FTP logged files

Web serving

  • Web and network-enable any and all connected devices 
  • Auto-uploads data to FTP, web pages and/or dashboards
  • Display same as panel, just tags or custom pages

Free, yet powerful GUIcon Software

  • An extensive library of drivers to communicate with a variety of PLC, drives and other control components
  • Built-in gateway and protocol converter to Ethernet-enable any connected device
  • Multi-lingual capability with support
  • Complete library of over 5,000 industrial graphics in over 60 different categories
  • Built-in emulator to test user interface, data logging and even the web server
  • Full-featured C-type syntax programming environment

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 15 in

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