Eurotherm TE10A by Schneider Electric OBSOLETE (Replaced By Eurotherm EFIT)



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Eurotherm TE10A OBSOLETE

(Replaced by Eurotherm EFIT)

Eurotherm TE10A FEATURES:

  • Compact: reduction in cabinet size
  • Phase angle firing       
  • Advanced single cycle operation       
  • Operating mode for short-wave infrared       
  • Internal EMC filter       
  • Compensation for supply fluctuations
  • DIN rail mounted


These robust thyristor units are ideally suited for applications where voltage and current surges can be expected.  

Short wave infrared lamps, for example, can be controlled with Euorhterm TE10A using phase angle or advanced single cycle firing which reduces flicker.


The TE10A is controlled by an analog signal which is selectable for DC current or voltage.  A ‘5 Volts user’ voltage enables local control by a potentiometer.  A plug-in connector avoids any risk of wiring error if the unit has to be replaced.

The unit can be used with non-standard mains (option). Standard 45mm DIN window format allows mounting in a housing with a panel cut-out or DIN Rail mounting in a cabinet.


Eurotherm TE10A thyristors can withstand momentary over currents up to 15 times the nominal rating – important when controlling short-wave infrared elements.

The thyristor breakdown voltage is three times greater than the nominal operating voltage. Current derating curves as a function of ambient temperature enable TE10A units to be used up to +60°C.

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