RVDA 6V40 Continental DIN Rail Single Phase Solid State Relay OBSOLETE (Carlo Gavazzi RGC1A60D40KGU)



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RVDA 6V40 Continental Single Phase DIN Rail Mount Relay is OBSOLETE

You are purchasing the Carlo Gavazzi RGC1A60D40KGU as a replacement.


RGC1A60D40KGU Carlo Gavazzi Solid State Relay

RGC1A60D40KGU Datasheet (PDF)

1P-SSC-DC IN-ZC 600V 40A 1200VP-U-SRW IN


The RGC1A60D40KGU presents a unique opportunity to maximize efficiency in panel space and is an evolution of solid state switches.

The nominal current ratings are at 40˚C.

The smallest width is 17.5mm and is rated at 25 AAC.

Voltage transient protection is standard across the output with a varistor.

Specifications are stated at 25°C unless otherwise noted.


Another Option is the RGC1A60D42KGU

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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