Digital Pressure Modules Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE)


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Digital Pressure Modules *


Digital Pressure Modules Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE)

Digital Pressure Modules:

Choose from 32 different digital pressure modules that simply connect to your PIE 820Elite, PIE 830 or PIE 850 calibrator via a communications cable.   Software is pre-loaded on your PIE calibrator so you can add pressure modules to your toolbox at any time.   Pressure module is automatically detected upon connection to your calibrator.


Digital Pressure Modules Features:

  • Modules for Differential, Gauge, Absolute and Compound applications
  • Ranges from 0-2000 inches of water and up to 3000 PSI
  • Isolated and non isolated options.  Isolated sensors for use with fluids compatible 316L SS.  Non Isolated sensors for use with clean, dry, non-corrosive gases only (Brass, 316L SS, Viton, Silicon gel)
  • Accurate to ±0.025% of full scale(all models) except DN0010 which is ±0.05% of full scale.  Accuracy specifications include all affects of temperature from -20 to 50 degrees C.
  • 32 selectable engineering pressure units
  • Fitted in protective rubber boot
  • 3 pocket carrying case available which holds calibrator, pressure module and test leads.


Digital Pressure Modules Additional Information:
Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 4.25 × 3.5 in
Pressure Ranges 0-10″ H2O Differential non isolated

0-28″ H2O Differential non isolated

0-200″ H2O Differential non isolated

0-415″ H2O Differential non isolated

0-2000″ H2O Differential non isolated

0-1 PSI Differential isolated

0-5 PSI Differential isolated

0-15 PSI Differential isolated

0-30 PSI Differential isolated

0-100 PSI Differential isolated

0-300 PSI Differential isolated

0-500 PSI Differential isolated

0-15 PSI Gauge isolated

0-30 PSI Gauge isolated

0-50 PSI Gauge isolated

0-100 PSI Gauge isolated

0-300 PSI Gauge isolated

0-500 PSI Gauge isolated

0-1000 PSI Gauge isolated

0-3000 PSI Gauge isolated

-14.7 to 15 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 30 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 50 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 100 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 300 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 500 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 1000 PSIG Compound Isolated

-14.7 to 3000 PSIG Compound Isolated

0-17 PSIA Absolute Isolated

0-38 PSIA Absolute Isolated

0-100 PSIA Absolute Isolated

0-1000 PSIA Absolute Isolated

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 8 in

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